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5th Workshop on Complex Networks

posted Nov 5, 2013, 4:19 AM by Katayoun Farrahi
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Call for Contributions

The 5th international workshop on complex networks (CompleNet 2014) aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners working on areas related to complex networks. In the

past two decades we have been witnessing an exponential increase on the number of publications in this field. From biological systems to computer science, from economic to social systems, complex networks are becoming pervasive in many fields of science. It is this interdisciplinary nature of complex networks that this workshop aims at addressing.

Authors are encouraged to submit previously unpublished papers/abstracts on their research in complex networks. Both theoretical and applied papers are of interest. Specific topics of interest are (but not limited to):

  1.  Applications of Network Science

  2.  Behavioral & Social Influence

  3.  Community Structure in Networks

  4.  Complex Network in Technology

  5.  Complex Networks and Epidemics

  6.  Complex Networks and Mobility

  7.  Complex Networks in Biological Systems

  8.  Emergence in Complex Networks

  9.  Geometry in Complex Networks

  10.  Information Spreading in Social Media,

  11.  Link Analysis and Ranking

  12.  Modeling Human Behavior in Complex Networks

  13.  Models of Complex Networks

  14.  Network Evolution

  15.  Networks as Frameworks

  16.  Rumor Spreading

  17.  Search in Complex Networks

  18.  Shocks and Bursts

  19.  Social Networks

  20.  Structural Network Properties and Analysis

  21.  Synchronization in Networks