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Media Synchronization Workshop (MediaSync) 2013 featuring Social & Interactive TV

posted May 15, 2013, 6:04 AM by Christian Timmerer
Media Synchronization Workshop (MediaSync) 2013
October 29, 2013, Nantes, France


June 3, 2013Paper submission deadline
July 22, 2013Paper Acceptance notification
September 30, 2013Author registration deadline
October 29, 2013Workshop in Nantes
Submissions should be sent to and
The workshop is held in conjunction with the NEM Summit
For registration to the event, follow this link
Here you can find a Hotel Nearby Map

Media synchronization has been a challenge in A/V transmission for quite some time. Over the years, many techniques to achieve intra- and inter-media synchronization in various network conditions have been developed. In many cases, synchronization between different streams of media is crucial for a satisfying perceived Quality of Experience (QoE). Currently, many new media synchronization issues arise. On the one hand, novel media technologies such as HTTP streaming protocols, media encoders and HDTV often require new synchronization techniques. On the other hand, new patterns in media consumption often introduce specific synchronization issues. For example, internet applications evolving around broadcast TV content may need synchronization between the application and the broadband stream. Synchronization between different TV receivers may be needed in Social TV (inter-destination media synchronization). In some interactive TV cases synchronization between handheld devices and the TV screen may be needed. Moreover novel 3D technologies for TV broadcasting and tele-presence (3D tele-immersion) may require the adoption of various of these synchronization techniques to achieve a satisfying user experience. This workshop addresses various synchronization issues and requests contributions from different perspectives.

Workshop Scope
Any recent work in the area of Media Synchronization is welcome, including for example Inter-Destination, Inter-Media, Inter-Device, Intra-Media and Multi-Source Synchronization.

 TopicsTopics      Use Cases Use cases 
Social & interactive TV
Networked games
Video conferencing
Networked video walls
Hybrid Broadcast Broadband
3D Media
Interactive e-learning
Second screen applications
3D Tele-Immersion
Business models
Protocols and standards
QoE / user perception

Organizing Committee
The Netherlands 
The Netherlands
Pablo Cesar
Jack Jansen
Hans Stokking
Omar Niamut
Fernando Boronat
Mario Montagud

La Cité“, a conference and exhibition center located in the center of Nantes. More information about the venue can be obtained here.

Event Format
All papers will be presented in short presentations at the full-day workshop, leaving ample time for discussion on the papers. Also, a panel discussion will be held on the future of media synchronization. Finally, the workshop will end with a demonstration session, allowing everyone to see each other’s work up close.

Submission Guidelines
Authors are requested to submit a short paper (max 4 pages A4) for work in progress or a full paper (max 8 pages A4) on their work, including a limited number of references. Note that there are no minimum pages restrictions, and also note that demonstrations are invited. Please indicate if you submit a paper if you can also show a demonstration. Authors should use the NEM Summit template in PDF format. Templates for paper submission are available here in Word and PDF formats.