Welcome to IEEE STCSN's E-Letter volume 2 number 2. This edition is discussing a very interesting topic that steadily becomes more important: how does social networking integrate with video communication?

This E-Letter contains contributions from a very interesting European research project, Vconect (http://vconect-project.eu/).

The first article -Smart Video Communication for Social Groups - introduces the aims of that research effort. Another one - Taxonomies of Relationships in Multidimensional Social Networks - deals with the question which information can be extracted from social networks to assist intelligent reasoning processes like communicaton orchestration. Another article - Multi-Party Videoconferencing for the Web - is discussing integration of a video communication system with a social network. Another article introduces the concept of 'The Service Aware Network'. Last but not least, the article 'Supporting Student-to-Student Interaction' focuses on a use case supporting distance learning via video. Please also have a look at the STCSN Selected Featured Article and our regular list of endorsed workshops, conferences and journals.

For future editions, please feel invited to submit both individual articles, or to propose a special E-Letter edition on a certain topic or activity, like a research project. And should you want to become an active IEEE STCSN member, just contact us!

Enjoy reading,
Rene Kaiser