Chair's Column

by Symeon (Akis) Papadopoulos, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the fourth Issue of the 2014 STCSN E-Letter volume, which is dedicated to the highly interesting topic of security and privacy in online networked environments, and is guest edited by Dr. Yuhong Liu. The topic is gathering tremendous interest, since it affects (or might affect) all of us, even when we don't realize it. With this issue, we only touch part of the wide array of research problems in the area. We hope to have more issues on the topic in the future. 

With the help of the Guest Editors, we are working hard to turn the STCSN E-Letter into a high-quality and rapid communication channel for research developments in the area of Social Networking. Our community continues to grow and our regular STCSN e-letter will be reaching an increasing audience of diverse research and business backgrounds. Moreover, all its articles are freely accessible and citable, making the e-letter suitable for publishing articles and technical reports on recent and emerging topics in the area of Social Networking.  

As a reminder, we welcome two types of contributions:
  • Special Issues dedicated to a thematic area of Social Networking. A common example case for such E-Letters includes those focusing on ongoing research projects (such as the E-Letters on ROBUSTSocialSensorBRIDGE and VCONECT). In that case, we expect the Special Issue proposer to act as a Guest Editor in collaboration with the chair of the E-Letter Board, Rene Kaiser, and to ensure a sufficient number of contributions (at least four) that will make up the Special Issue. Note that it is not necessary for a Special Issue to be connected to a research project. It can also be related to an emerging research topic. The current Issue is such an example.
  • Stand-alone articles. We are open to individual contributions discussing recent or new research results or offering short surveys on emerging areas of Social Networking. In addition, we are open to papers discussing previously published research of the authors under a fresh perspective.
All contributions are peer-reviewed to ensure high standards of presentation quality and technical soundness.
If interested, feel free to get in touch with Rene Kaiser and myself to discuss in further detail the scope and format of the articles, and other details of the editorial process. We are also constantly looking for good reviewers, so if you are interested, let us know.

Apart from e-letter contributions, we always welcome participation and contributions to different roles within the STCSN. If interested, please get in touch!