Jérôme Picault

Jérôme PicaultJérôme Picault is a researcher at Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, France, since 2008. He graduated from the Institut National des Télécommunications, France, in 2001. He is currently working on social networks and multimedia. Prior to joining Bell Labs, Jérôme spent 8 years as Senior Research Engineer in Motorola Labs where he developed research in agent-based architectures and mobile services, context-awareness, social networks and recommender systems. He is the author of 30 patent applications and 20 publications on intelligent systems, personalization and related topics. He has co-organized several and is also a PC member for several conferences or journals. More information about Jérôme can be found on LinkedIn.

Selected topic: Jérôme Picault is currently working on the exploitation of social interactions content to enrich knowledge about multimedia. Indeed, people often speak about what is happening in the multimedia content (such as events, people, places, etc.). This information can be detected and used to enrich the multimedia description. Besides, more than just describing the multimedia content, people are also expressing viewpoints, which could be helpful to categorize and organize the acquired knowledge. In addition, social interactions content may be used to “extend” the content by creating semantic links to other pieces of content (e.g. on the basis of similarities of interactions about different contents). This may contribute to an enriched multimedia experience by helping people discover multimedia resources through other people’s conversations.

 Keywords: Social Multimedia, Knowledge Discovery, Multimedia Indexing, Recommender Systems