Thomas Gottron

Thomas Gottron
 is PostDoc and research assistant at the Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) at the University of Koblenz-Landau. His research interests are in the area of Information Retrieval in the context of social networks, social media and linked data, in the field of Web Science and in the analysis and management of online communities. He is the technical coordinator of the EC project ROBUST -- Risk and Opportunity management of huge-scale BUSiness communiTy cooperation. In 2011 he contributed to the EC expert group on "Vision 2020 on Networked Media and Beyond". A list of recent publications can be found at and follow him on

Selected topic: Of particular interest in the context of the ROBUST project are social networks and online communities in a business setting. Business communities represent a valuable asset for multiple reasons: they form complex and rich information ecosystems, they provide an active communication channel with business partners, employees or the general public and finally they quite often reflect a substantial monetary investment. Among many other topics, the institute WeST has investigated several interesting aspects of information propagation and flow in online communities [1,2,3], how content and sentiment diversification can be used to get a broader overview of the topics discussed by the users [4] and how to manage community news streams efficiently for millions of users. Current and ongoing works address the potential of using simulation based approaches to understand and predict user interaction with content items and how  changes of the policies implemented in a social network platform can affect these interactions.


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