Chairs Column

by Christian Timmerer, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

With over 400 members, the
Special Technical Community on Social Networking is one of the larger STCs established by the Computer Society. Our members are being active on email lists, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ communities
Everyone is invited to join -- get involved in and exited about STCSN. Thus, please feel free to consult the following two calls:
Another option to join the STCSN is when renewing the 2014 IEEE membership. In such a case, simply add the STCSN to your "Memberships & Subscriptions" for free. Therefore, when doing the renewal, please enter the "Memberships and Subscriptions Catalog" and search for the STCSN. It can be found following this path: "Home   >  Memberships & Services   >  Memberships & Subscriptions Catalog   > Technical Communities   > Computer Society Technical Communities >  Social Networking, IEEE Computer Societ..". I would appreciate if you could add the STCSN to your "Memberships & Subscriptions" when making the renewal.

In terms of volunteers, I'd like to introduce the new board members and their roles within the STCSN:
  • Suman Deb Roy from the University of Missouri, USA is responsible for the bulletin which provides highlights on a monthly basis,
  • Katayoun (Kate) Farrahi is from the Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria and is responsible for the scientific events (conferences, workshops, symposia, etc.) in the domain of social networking,
  • Yuhong Liu from Penn State Altoona, USA takes the role of the membership chair, and last but not least
  • Jery Althaf is our treasurer.
In this context I'd like to thank all board members for their individual efforts within the STCSN. I'm very happy to see this community growing both on the member and board side.

"By inviting community members into these functions should provide both a satisfying individual service experience and valuable products and services to the STCSN community.”
--John Walz, 2012 President, IEEE Computer Society

The next step of the STC is the creation of an educational section that collects video tutorials, presentations, course material in the domain of social networking. We are currently collecting and reviewing existing material and if you have any inputs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Finally, we want to open contributions to the E-Letter for everyone and, thus, we accept now individual contributions and special issues/sections proposals. Further details can be found in the E-Letter section.