May 2012: Opening Doors to Sharing Social Media Data

posted May 11, 2012, 4:00 AM by Symeon Papadopoulos
Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu, Daniel Zeng, "Opening Doors to Sharing Social Media Data," IEEE Intelligent Systems, pp. 47-51, January/February, 2012 

Abstract: Research data sharing becomes increasingly difficult in the context of social media. Increasing restrictions from social media sites are creating an environment where data cannot be freely shared and as a result scientific claims cannot be verified. In this work, we present a novel approach to data sharing that does not require explicitly publishing a dataset. We create a framework where researchers systematically share the parameters they used to crawl the dataset along with the code used to collect the data, allowing the reader to re-assemble the dataset at a later time. While this approach is by no means a silver bullet, we seek to start a conversation for researchers to implement approaches to data sharing that can be embraced by the research community.